- a b o u t m e -

Hey there!

I'm Addie! I am your local photographer, but I find myself with many titles. I am a true people person, which means I am there for you.. however I can be! I love to stay busy, I actually work a full time job in commercial insurance and run my photography business!

I have always loved taking pictures, looking through old family pictures. I started this business in 2018, knowing absolutely nothing. My camera actually sat in the box for over a year simply because I was afraid to touch it. I finally got it out, with no idea with what I was doing, starting taking pictures. Since then I have been blessed to learn and grow in this business. Photography is definitely what I am passionate about. As I said above, my favorite part is getting to meet new people. Everyone has a story and I have the honor of capturing the small details in it. I leave every session feeling like I gained new friends.

Much Love,